Can You Make Money With A Blog?

Surely the question can make money with a blog?  we have done it more than one of us. Surfing the web you will find countless answers, many of them  fraudulent  or  inaccessible , the type earns money already, earn money from home easy and fast, earn money with surveys, etc … Always with phrases quite striking and tempting for the human being. In my humble opinion and by own experience, little credible.Surely someone has achieved, but I am convinced that only a few are privileged, maybe the promoters of this type of business can earn money, probably in an “unethical” and taking advantage of the innocence and needs of people.

If you are looking for a magic formula to make money online free  with a blog , I’m sorry to say that I think there is not, to blog and start generating money in the days / weeks of starting it really is very difficult, even if there is someone who can get it , but it is not available to anyone. It requires a lot of knowledge and a lot of experience and yet it is very difficult to achieve.

So what? Can you make money with a blog ?

In my opinion  YES !! If you can and every day there are more people who get it. As? because the answer seems simple and partly it is, but let’s see if I can explain …

To begin with, it requires a lot of effort and dedication to gradually acquire the necessary knowledge and above all, want to learn, have an open mind and be in a position to make changes as the project evolves.

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The skin is a structure of our organism wisely designed to protect us from the aggressions that it receives from the outside

In particular, it has a series of defense mechanisms that safeguard us against the action of solar rays .

These mechanisms are basically three:

The melanin , whose synthesis – best natural skin care  promoted by solar ultraviolet mainly type A – a barrier that prevents vital largely, the skin being burned by sunlight. It also acts by neutralizing the free radicals released by cells that have been damaged by solar radiation.

The presence of melanin in the skin may be ‘natural’, without a previous stimulation, or it may occur after the redness produced by the sunburn.

This ability to synthesize melanin is genetically determined and is a racial factor, with logical variations between people of the same race.

Depending on the ability to synthesize melanin, 6 types of skins included in the scale ofphototypes of Parrish. The smaller the phototype, the greater the vulnerability to the negative effects of solar radiation.

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The New FTC Guidelines for IM, Blogging Affiliates, And How It Affects You!

Last week on 1st December the FTC  (Federal Trade Commission) released its new guidelines for which Internet Marketers, Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers and all product owners and vendors must adhere to.

Ive been researching this for the last few days so I can make sure that Im in compliance, and also to gather info to make this blog post, so that my readers are aware of the changes too.

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Free Traffic Generation Tips And Ideas Part 1

Over the next few posts Im going to be briefly covering some of the many different traffic generation techniques that exist.

So I will start off with the first 5:

Traffic Generation Ideas (Part 1)

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a website that allows people to post questions, and all you have to do is answer peoples questions with good advice to help and answer their question. After youve answered the question you will be able to link back to resource pages on your website.

As you will be linking back to pages on your site/blog, the questions you answer will need to be related to pages that you have wrote about.

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JV Give Away

I finally released my ebook on 23rd November and started entering it in as many JV Giveaway Events as possible.

By December I had built my list to around 50 subscribers using the above methods, which could easily have been a much higher figure but I just hadnt been giving list building enough focus, I was far too wrapped up in my blog and driving traffic to it, in the hope that they would signup to my list through the free offers I had in my blogs sidebar. However that didnt really work out, and it only got me a handful.

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How I Built My List From 50 To 2000 In Around 15 Weeks!

Okay, so as you can see from the title of this post and screen shot below, I have managed to build my list from 50 to 2000 subscribers in around 15 weeks, which means that I managed to hit my target goal of 2000 by 1st APRIL.  8) (See My Goals For 2010 for more information)

And as I said in my previous post, Im going to share with you what I did to build my list to that figure in that space of time.

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Making Money With Affiliate Programs

Also known as referral programs, affiliate programs are normally commission based sales.

This is how they work Youll recommend a site to your visitors/subscribers and then pick up a percentage of any sale that those visitors/subscribers make.

Youll benefit from the commission and the merchant benefits from the sales, and also new buyers on their buyers list if they are clever enough collect the details of their buyers. 😉 Continue reading