HCG diet, you know? Do you know how it works?


Does this diet work?

There are several advocates of the HCG diet, including doctors, and on the internet you can find several reports of individuals who have had the diet, have lost weight and so indicate to several people, however we need to be a bit critical about the information we have on the Internet.

Does diet lead to weight loss? Yes, but several scientific studies show that the HCG hormone does not cause weight loss , hcg diet foods and redistribution of fat, meaning the reason for weight loss is not the use of the hormone, but rather the low amount of calories ingested daily !

In addition, the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM)  and the Brazilian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism (SBEM) and the Brazilian Association for the Study of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome (ABESO) launched seem AGAINST the use of the hormone for weight loss due to lack of scientific evidence of efficacy for weight loss and potential health risks such as: headache, depression, irritability, arterial or venous thromboembolism, and ovarian hyperstimulation.

In the literature we also found other risks of exogenous administration of large amounts of the hormone, such as: risk for leiomyoma (benign smooth muscle tumor, mainly in the uterus), exacerbation of endometriosis, risk of developing prostatic hyperplasia prostate cancer.

Therefore, we stress once again that fad diets are not the best way to lose weight , since they usually lead to great caloric restrictions, do not always present scientific basis and do not lead to CHANGE OF HABITS that can lead to weight gain in a way again.

Look for a nutritionist and do a food re-education, this is the best way to a healthy and lasting weight loss!

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