Can You Make Money With A Blog?

Surely the question can make money with a blog?  we have done it more than one of us. Surfing the web you will find countless answers, many of them  fraudulent  or  inaccessible , the type earns money already, earn money from home easy and fast, earn money with surveys, etc … Always with phrases quite striking and tempting for the human being. In my humble opinion and by own experience, little credible.Surely someone has achieved, but I am convinced that only a few are privileged, maybe the promoters of this type of business can earn money, probably in an “unethical” and taking advantage of the innocence and needs of people.

If you are looking for a magic formula to make money online free  with a blog , I’m sorry to say that I think there is not, to blog and start generating money in the days / weeks of starting it really is very difficult, even if there is someone who can get it , but it is not available to anyone. It requires a lot of knowledge and a lot of experience and yet it is very difficult to achieve.

So what? Can you make money with a blog ?

In my opinion  YES !! If you can and every day there are more people who get it. As? because the answer seems simple and partly it is, but let’s see if I can explain …

To begin with, it requires a lot of effort and dedication to gradually acquire the necessary knowledge and above all, want to learn, have an open mind and be in a position to make changes as the project evolves.

One of the topics that must be kept in mind, is to choose the theme of which we are going to make the blog,  VERY IMPORTANT !!  It has to be something that you  like , that you are  passionate about , that makes you  enjoy it   and that you really see yourself  living it,  something that makes you  happy , Think you have to spend many hours, be constant, there will be times when you plan the what you got into this mess, but little by little the rewards come. It has to be something that you  enjoy.

Difficult choice, but we all have some hobby, theme that we like more than others and really in the times that run, “Era of knowledge” or “Technological Era” or whatever you want to call, every day are opening more doors to really power LIVING of what you APASSIONATE. it has to be reinvented, the cause deserves it.

The economic issue will come. Usually it happens until this happens, (to me it has not yet arrived, I am still in an initial phase), many people have got it, the moment arrives !!!

Nor do you expect to make you rich overnight, it is a medium / long term process, but once it arrives, it is a matter of maintaining it and increasing income. “Passive Income”  the goal. Your blog will work for you  24 hours a day, 365 days a year . Once achieved, and acquired the necessary knowledge, start another project with similar characteristics and make it work will be much simpler task, you can increase your  passive income  and little by little you will build your  FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

You have to play many songs !!, but if you like to write (you still do not know it, it’s my case), you like surfing the net, you’re curious and above all you want to learn … make money with a blog today and especially in the times that come, every day is more feasible.


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