Does Adsense Account Really Work? Can You Make Money With Your Blog?

Let’s talk about Adsense Account. If you search the Internet to find out if this advertising platform is capable of generating money, you will probably find many opinions that will leave you even more confused. From “books” about how to become a millionaire with Adsense, even opinions that call it “scam”. Adsense is neither the one nor the other.

There are people who generate several hundred dollars monthly with this advertising platform for blogs and websites, others just a few cents.

What makes the difference?

The quality of the content that is published undoubtedly is an important factor when it comes to perceive more traffic to the blog that is using Adsense. But it is not by itself a generator of “clicks” in the commercials. So, this does not guarantee you have significant revenue with Adsense Account.

We must take into account that Adsense has its own systems to identify the profile of our visitors. Thanks to the constant use that the user makes of different Google tools, as well as the history of visits and searches made on the Web, Adsense will display ads closely related to the tastes and interests of each visitor, when it reaches your Web. If you have a cooking blog, Adsense will not only show you who is reading ads related to the kitchen, because Google knows that particular visitor is an animal lover. Then, it will show both signs of cooking and dog food.

The question that all are asked then is how can I control the type of ads that will be displayed to make them more appealing to my readers? And the answer is not simple. Adsense will always be responsible for that work. We must provide the traffic and they will look for the most relevant ads for each person who enters the blog.

So far we do not have a formula that will help to raise the number of clicks that our visits make in Adsense ads, right? And the truth is that it does not exist. Remember that you can never click on the ads that appear on your blog, you can not ask your visitors to do so, or family or friends. Adsense Account has tools that detect these practices, and once you are expelled from the program will be very difficult to be admitted again.

According to my experience, earning more or less money with a blog and Adsense depends, after generating good traffic, only and exclusively the theme of your site. If your site is about Web positioning techniques, it is very unlikely that you can generate more than a few cents a day, your audience will be too specific and look for timely information. In contrast, a blog of cars, cooking, gardening, nature care, healthy food and other specific topics of mass interest, do earn income. Many of them exceed $ 100 a day. Of course, in order to reach these figures it is necessary to take time to publish good material, and preferably to become a reference of your industry.

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