Free Traffic Generation Tips And Ideas Part 1

Over the next few posts Im going to be briefly covering some of the many different traffic generation techniques that exist.

So I will start off with the first 5:

Traffic Generation Ideas (Part 1)

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a website that allows people to post questions, and all you have to do is answer peoples questions with good advice to help and answer their question. After youve answered the question you will be able to link back to resource pages on your website.

As you will be linking back to pages on your site/blog, the questions you answer will need to be related to pages that you have wrote about.

Free Blogs

You can create free blogs on sites such as , , and create posts with your targeted keywords in them, and also use your main keywords in the blog and post titles, which will then usually become part of the url.

You would then link back to which ever of your main sites the keywords related to in each post, using the keywords as anchor text (making them into a link), which would generate lots of backlinks at the same time helping your site in the search engines.

Rinse and repeat this for all your sites and squeeze pages.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a great way to build 1 way backlinks to your sites, and also to get a lot of traffic too, as long as your posts are deemed as valuable by the regulars of these sites.

The best way to go about this is to add some friends once you join and start bookmarking other people sites first. Then every time you bookmark your latest blog post (this works best with blog posts) it wont look like you are just bookmarking for traffic to your site, as it will be mixed in with a lot of other stuff youve bookmarked in between.

If you end up getting bookmarked by someone who has a big a following on one of these sites, you can end up receiving thousands of visitors within hours.

Here is a directory of the top social bookmarking sites Top 20 most popular social bookmarking websites

RSS Feed Directories

RSS Feeds will ping certain services every time you make a new blog post, but first you have to submit your feed to the directories. So submit your RSS feed (if you have one) to as many feed directories as possible.

Here is a good list of directories to get you started TopRank Best List of RSS Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog and Feed

Forum and Email Signatures

Signatures are set fields that are automatically filled in at the end of each forum post or email you write. So it makes sense to make use of them and add a link back to your blog or squeeze pages.

Just remember not to add any affiliate links to your signature if you are using forums.

Okay Thats it for today, I should have some more ready

for you in a few days or so.

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